Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More than anything, do NOT let the MEDIA scream; yell, and frighten you...

The television; it has to make money, right? Everyone wants one of those high-paying jobs - and of course the market researchers tell those people 'what the hot topic is right now'...
Let's see, if I try to find a channel of 'balanced
news', I'm hard-pressed. If I want to predict what will be the leading
stories - it' easy. "The Primary" - "The Economy" - "The Rising Food
Prices" - "The Rising Gas Prices" - and each face that pops in front of me, will
surely be glossed with plenty of make-up that won't melt under the studio
Each commentator will have the latest hair-do;
hair-cut - and the most up-to-date clothes - precisely; this is a 'staged
event'. We need to think of television (in today's world) as nothing more
than a bunch of 'actors' playing as if they are telling us the 'news' - they are
'experts', and they care about the millions of people who aren't making 1/30th
of what these actors are being paid to get us 'all shook up'...
I'm not deaf; I'm not dumb, I'm not blind - I'm just 'old' - I've been
through enough recessions and 'down-turns', to know that a good percentage of
what caused it to 'really happen', was the FEAR of the people; this FEAR - this
REACTION, was more often than not, related to NEGATIVE NEWS
Isn't it amazing that the REAL NEWS - that we all NEED, is usually reported 'way after the time' it would have truly helped us? You get a hand-ful of individuals who'll start with the 'truth' - they are aired at 2:00 a.m. when everyone is asleep - on the public television channels that too many ignore to start with....
Then, when we do start to 'hear' something viable, there's that 'commercial interruption' that breaks up your train of thought. Also - have you really heard anyone ever talk (as in a lecture format) in a way you could actually 'take notes'? Think about the last time you found a program that allowed you to take valuable 'notes' - for 60 minutes - (non-stop); essentially, did you get true help from that t.v. program - the one you pay $50 to $150/month to 'watch'???
You might try a Dr. Phil show - an Oprah show - try
to concentrate with the studio audience that is 'reacting'.....
You might try to watch either of those shows -
comfortably; for a full hour, and 'relax' knowing that 6 of their sponsors won't
take up 3 minutes (each) of your valuable time....
If you head to the computer; search the web, you'll
find thousands of 'links' - have you got the time to do all this? Well,
maybe it is time you DID all of this - each individual's own financial
situation, will 'spur them on', in their quest for answers.
There are bloggers with some feasible ideas - helpful
methods - I've tried to find a few that I truly think have given their 'all', in
trying to lay out a financial play; or a budget suggestion, that helps the
'normal people', like most of us are.
Most of all - do not let the 'fearful news media'
incite you; rile you up to the point you lose focus, and control. Do not
be thrown off-balance; think for yourself.
Of late, I've noticed the words 'rock' - 'bricks' - 'grid'....
Aha - reminds me of that old saying:
"Sticks and stones can break your bones, but names can never hurt me..."
Well, sticks and stones will break
your bones
so will rocks and
and names will never 'hurt
when the advertising
sticks their name on your jockey
plunks their name on your
charges you 10 times what that pair
of slippers should have cost
and it keeps getting steadily
by 'me' - May 5, 2008
The way I handle this? I ignore the labels and names except my own. I don't buy glossy 'hype' magazines. I shut the television
off, and at most - grab a 'how-to' book; or visit some of the links I've placed
This Life

Then after you do all this reading, WATCH THIS VIDEO - it's about how we are coerced to BUY STUFF...the IMPACT OF TELEVISIONS ADVERTISING - of PUBLICATIONS THAT PROMOTE 'BUYING STUFF'...and why!