Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Now what good can a cartoon strip do anyway....I've re-typed the 'conversation' in case your eyes can't see easily...

Ever notice how many conversations revolve around TV
shows and movies?

Our common
references are events that never happened and people we'll never

We know more about
celebrities and fictional characters than we know about our

That must be
because new houses aren't built with front porches any more...

I can't believe dad won't let me have a t.v. in my own

Ah, the wisdom of Calvin and Hobbs - long ago,
a cartoon strip that gave us advice in a humorous way.

Read those words - I'm betting 4 out of the 5,
should be revitalized and revived; one of those should be done away with - which
one will you select as you cut back on costs??? Which four will you think
about, and what of those 4, will you focus on in the coming months as you 'make
friends' again???