Saturday, April 19, 2008


Quit being 'eaten alive', by thinking you have to have the very latest and greatest electronic 'gadget' or toy...if you finance it, then add the interest charges to your purchase price!

Getting back to basic good living; good food
- quality time with your family that does not include something that 'plugs into
the wall', or operates on a 'wireless system' - or batteries.

If you think I'm being 'brutal', nope - go watch a 20-minute video that shows us where our crazy thinking has gotten many of us - this might make you think twice if by this time, my remarks haven't.....

The other day,
my neighbor said he was 'into 'WiFi' (or something
like that), and I
say "Why Fi?" He said 'Cuz it's the latest thing'...' Oh yes,
and the latest thing, is he got an eviction notice for being late on his rent
for the 3rd straight month.

I thought to my self - again ... Why? Fi...aha, Fi - the first 2 letters in the word
'finished' - and that's what you might be.....

Post Script: Hey, did you see that mess of big
words? Well, the 'lay-out' shows the dialog 100% readable, but when it
goes to 'public', what a pile of jumbled words - magic!

So: let's try again: What it reads it the very
individual who was bragging about all his stuff 'going Wi Fi', has now been
served an eviction notice because he's been delinquent in his rent for 3
straight months.

Priorities - appears he didn't keep them straight; must be that
Wi-Fi stuff....there's probably a glitch in the product.....