Sunday, April 20, 2008

Do your electricity, gas, and water bills 'fluctuate' ; does your usage chart look like this?

We live in the desert; we have very high power bills in the summer-time as our air-conditioner whizzes along keeping us cool.

About eight years ago, I was tired of the 'up and down'
monthly billing, so I decided to estimate the annual over-all usage, and divide by
12. I sent that amount each month so my budget would 'stay
balanced'. At the end of that first year, I now had 12 bills with 'actual history', to recalculate about what the annual costs were for each utility. The next year, I worked with that amount plus 10% (to allow for rate increases), and I still 'beat the heat', and saved the budget.

When you 'bill yourself' - and you stick to that amount, it's a
wonderful relief to know that you're building up a credit reserve on your
various utility accounts.

Now when the heat soars, our monthly bill already has a credit
balance, so I continue to pay the same amount, and never feel the

Also, for easy calculation in your check-book, just round up the amount 'due' - if it's $236.23, make it $240 that you deduct. Slowly, but surely, you'll be getting a 'silent savings' each and every month - at the end of the year, you'll be surprised at what you've accumulated; maybe time for a treat to yourself - or enough for a contribution to a vital charity in your neighborhood.
Oh yes: Something I probably won't write again, but
I noticed the date on this post...
4/20/79 - A wonderful day - I met L. V. Tomasetti -
V.P - General Electric; we had a marvelous time entertaining some great people
at the Cincinnati plant.
4/20/80 - My husband and I were awarded a sizeable
contract with Boeing; a contract we fulfilled, and it brought great opportunity
for us because of our hard work.
4/20/81 - I received notice my 2 younger sons were finally
going to rejoin me in my home - a 6-year difficulty - something that with
persistance, and fair-play = success.
I remember this always - fair-play; respect for the other
person's viewpoint, and if there is conflict, 'time and understanding', will
ultimately bring about the best and most peaceful result.
As I see the 4/20/79 date, I realize that is 29 years ago
- I realize a lot of time has passed since then; how much I've learned and
accomplished, and it makes it even more important to me that I try to add
information to this 'blog', that can help others not ony get through a difficult
time, but be able to 'look back' after nearly 30 years have passed in their
lives, and remember the things they did to optimize their life-style.
For me, I've had more than one chance
to 'roll' - and when I do, I keep the music going in my life. I play my piano; I
play up-beat music that inspires and motivates me. I strive to keep a positive
out-look, because I know I'll become what I believe.
Be what you are; act on and
out, what you truly think. Radiate confidence to
others...when you do this, you're like the sun on a summer's afternoon - your kindness is like the gentle breeze, and your understanding is like a spring rain that brings the flowers back to life. Attitude in good times; or rough times - this more than anything, will get you to the next chapter in your life, with a minimum of disappointment.