Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The 'blogger's' irritation when you can't upload a picture; then you can - and you're just so old & tired by then...

Hey, gotta stick with the effort - even when you keep getting 'error' messages from Google.

In fact, maybe that's a clue too.....gotta stick with it!

When Google has things fixed, I'll come back and put a photo here (I like pictures - they seem to enhance the text on web-sites and blogs).

Yes - gotta stick with it - when there's a tight cash supply; things are on the down-turn, that's when you find out what you're made of!

And also - talking about 'photos' and their enhancements; possibly the 'wrong photo' can give the wrong impression - be careful what you 'see', as you turn on that nightly news. Be careful when you start to over-react, and it might be the 'photograph' that fired up your thoughts just a bit more.

let photos of terrific-looking foods in an advertisement,
motivate you to
head over to a high-priced restaurant; often that food isn't
as good as
it looks
in the picture.

The next time you're tempted to buy that beautiful 'new
home' - you see the picture in the newspaper or real estate magazine, go outside
- TAKE A PHOTO OF YOUR OWN HOME...now look at it! Aha - looks darned good
you say? Then keep your equity and your sanity as well as your budget in
See that photo of the cruise ship? The cruise is over; your welcoming-home
committee is your credit card 'new balance'! ...are you a little seasick now?

See the photo of the new boat? Too bad they don't show you the photo of the payment schedule; the interest rates - the cost to haul your new boat; the cost to launch your new boat - the gasoline to run your new boat; the gasoline to drive your new boat to where you'll try to find a place to park the trailer after you've put the boat in the water..... yes, etc. etc. etc.

Oh yes - the photos of the models wearing beautiful new clothes; the clothes that look great 'brand new' - then after a couple washings, shrink just as your bank account did when you simply had to be 'in fashion' (and in debt as well).

The photo of the NEW CAR - if you buy it in red, your
bank account might also be IN RED AS WELL.

In case you missed that link above - you really need to take 20 minutes to watch this video about how PHOTOS - ADVERTISMENT - TELEVISION cause us to 'buy stuff' - why we feel 'intimidated' if we don't have the 'latest and greatest'...all planned into the economy shortly after WWII!

Here's that link again! http://www.storyofstuff.com/

Dare I even mention this here? I dare!

The year is 1966 - hmmm, 42 years ago! I decide never to have another car payment in my life! I sell my 'newer car' to the dealer who wanted it because it was 'just like new'...

Then: I go down the street; get a used car - $2,000 is still in my pocket after I have this latest 'new car'.

I start the 'car payment fund' with $2,000. Each and every month I 'make payments' to my 'car fund'...and earn interest, rather than pay interest.

Just like Peat & Repeat in the boat, I do this over and over....

Each and every 'new car', has been a car that has at least 2 years 'on it' - I let someone else pay for the depreciation and interest; I find a car that's in very good condition, and I pay CASH from my 'car savings account'. Many times, there's been quite a bit of money LEFT in that account!

..and you ask: "What about the 2nd car?" Aha, for some time there was NO second car - I walked; biked, or took a bus.

Then - the '2nd car'...nope, a nice r.v. - one I could call a 'second home'. I sold my home; was divorced, and lived in my r.v. for FOUR YEARS. I traveled all over the United States as 'money allowed'...I did this BEFORE I retired - age 55 to 59, and what a great time I had.

All my furniture was 'in storage' - when my traveling was done, a retirement home was bought with 40% down-payment; out came those stored furnishings, and the r.v. is now the 'second home and second vehicle' - paid in full.

Learn to love the colors GREEN and BLACK. Green is your cash in your pocket; black is where you stay...there is no deficit to deal with!

Yes, you can do it IF YOU IGNORE THOSE PICTURES OF NEW CARS AND THOSE MOTORING DOWN THE ROAD....learn to ignore what you can't either afford, or will cost you three times what the sticker price reads!

Photos of jewelry; photos of new electronic gadgets - photos SELL - you


...hey, now that's a photo to take - frame, and put by your

Oh yes - and my irritation when I saw that over 13,000 'bloggers' had posted the fact they weren't able to upload photos; weren't getting technical assistance - weren't getting results, reminded me that CUSTOMER SERVICE SEEMS TO BE DEAD in the USA.... In fact, read this 'customer service' nightmare - this sounds like something that I've gone through at least 3 times these past 8 years!


So, before you buy anything - LOOK FOR SERVICE - and
don't be bamboozled into paying for a SERVICE CONTRACT, when you should be
getting that for 'free'....this 'built-in' obsolesence that 90% of the
manufacturers have now adopted as a 'concept', is running rampant!

Now, we'll try to post this one - pictures can wait; words that help you 'think', can't.