Friday, April 18, 2008

Cut back on all those 'toys' and 'clothes' for your pets! Eee-gad; let them go 'natural'!

I read that the industry for 'pet goodies' is in the billions - hey, they probably don't even like being 'dolled up'.

Pets are not your children; they are not 'dolls' that you dress up, and play with. You can save tons of dollars by making your own pet-foods; sorting through the table scraps that feed your own children nutriously, and 'share' with your favorite furry friend!

If you do anything: Adopt a pet; nothing
that's high cost - go to that animal shelter, and bring home a pet that is
already a few years old; it will save you money on just cleaning up the carpet
from trying to 'potty-train' those young darlings.

In some countries,
pets eat better than humans
- put your 'pet-toy-$$$' towards an organization
that is serving world-hunger